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Guzheng and Cello Duet at 2017 Microsoft Asian New Year Cellebration

On Saturday, January 21st 2017, the Chinese Microsoft Employee Network (CHIME) will

bring you the 17th Microsoft Asian Spring Festival Celebration. The entire event is

composed of two components, the afternoon performance and activities and the evening

performance. It is a wonderful opportunity to bring your family and kids to spend some

quality time together. There will also be an Asian food market and food trucks for purchasing

food. At the night show, Shirley will play a new piece “The Gada Meilin” with Cellist

Kai Chen.

Time: 2:00PM — 10:00PM, Saturday January 21st, 2017

Location: Overlake Christian Church (9900 Willows Rd NE, Redmond)

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