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Shirley Wang

Shirley Wang, began to learn Guzheng when she was 6 years old. During that period, she studied with the famous Chinese Guzheng Professor Zhou Wang. After being admitted to the China Conservatory of Music, she continued to learn more Guzheng songs and skills. In 2005, she began to teach Guzheng at the Guzheng Art Centre in Beijing. Shirley became a music teacher at the British School of Beijing in 2007. In 2009, Shirley had a Guzheng performance for the British Royal family. In 2010, she moved to Seattle, as the founder of Seattle Guzheng Academy, she has brought many amazing performances for audiences. Seattle Guzheng Academy is the largest and most professional guzheng art center, with more than 100 current students. Several of Shirley’s students have won gold medals in the Chopin Music Festival competition and performed at Carnegie Hall. The academy also hosts recitals and culture exchange concerts each year. During the past ten years, she actively promoted Traditional Chinese culture and music. She has been invited to participate in the Microsoft Asian Spring Festival Gala and other Lunar New Year Celebrations at Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Starbucks. In addition to performances for Chinese Radio Seattle, University of Washington and Western University. Shirley won the Outstanding Teacher Award from Princeton University in 2014. In 2016, Shirley earned her Arts Leadership Master degree from Seattle University. In the future, Shirley will contribute her energy to the cultural exchange between China and the U.S.

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