Shirley Wang

Shirley Wang, the prominent Guzheng musician and artist in Seattle, is a member of the Zheng Association in China. She began learning Guzheng when she was 6 years old. She studied Guzheng with the renowned Guzheng player, Professor Wang Zhou and Zhan Zhou. She was admitted to the China Conservatory of Music, where she continued to refine her guzheng skills. At the same time, she studied at the Chinese Institute of Industrial Relations with a minor in Business Administration.


Shirley participated actively in community organization activities while attending university. In 2005, she began to teach guzheng at the Guzheng Art Centre that was founded by the distinguished guzheng professor Zhou and her brother Zhan Zhou. Within over 10 years of teaching, Shirley not only improved her playing skills, but also accumulated rich experiences in teaching. At the same time, she participated in and managed the affairs of the Centre. Since 2007, she planned and participated in the Zhan Wang National GuZheng summer camp, which attracted guzheng fans from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The summer camp is an annual event, providing more opportunities for exchanging, learning and displaying talent for guzheng enthusiasts. In 2008, due to the excellent performance of her students, Shirley was named 2008 National Outstanding Teacher of Guzheng.


Shirley became the music teacher at the British School of Beijing (BSB) in 2007. The British School of Beijing is a British Royal School in China that was founded by Queen Elizabeth II. It is the only British Royal School in China. Shirley founded the Chinese Music Club at BSB with other Chinese teachers to promote and teach traditional Chinese music to the students around the world. In honor of representing the school in 2009, Shirley had a Guzheng performance for the British royal family and Prince Andrew. In 2009, Shirley was admitted to the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Music. She studied Arts Management as her major. Her tutor was Dajing Xie, the Professor of the China Conservatory of Music and former Vice President of China Academy of Music and the president of China Art Academy of Management. In the same year, she started to write Guzheng textbooks in English and promote Chinese traditional music culture to the world. She talked about the research of teaching guzheng in Stave with the master of Qin Zheng, the illustrious educator, Professor Yanjia Zhou.


With the dream of music and persistent pursuit, Shirley immigrated to the beautiful city of Seattle, where she has continued her exploration of art. She wants more and more American people to understand the Chinese culture and appreciate Chinese music. In June of 2016, Shirley earned her MFA (Master of Fine Art) Master degree from Seattle University. She will continue to contribute more energy toward culture exchange between China and U.S as an arts leader.