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Guzheng Lessons

Learn to play guzheng from the Northwest’s premier instructor. With over 14+ years experience teaching guzheng and twenty years experience playing, Shirley has studied with the top guzheng instructors in Beijing, China. Lessons are offered in both English and Mandarin to adults and children.

We teach the systematic basic skills of music theory and many kinds of playing methods. For young students, we use the individualized and entertaining method; for the adult students, we focus on theory and enhancing their performance skills. GuZheng lessons are available in the greater Seattle area and the Eastside. Lessons are scheduled based on student and teacher availability and may be started any time during the year.


New students may register here. There is a $100 registration fee for new students.

GuZheng Lessons
  • Child classes – 45 minute GuZheng lessons for children ages 6-16 years old.

  • Adult classes – 45 minute GuZheng lessons for adults.

  • GuZheng Stress Relief classes – 45 minute GuZheng lessons for adults only.

  • Group classes – 45 minute GuZheng lessons for two or more students.

  • Master classes – 60 minute GuZheng lessons for advanced students.

  • Competition classes – 45 minute GuZheng lessons for students preparing for GuZheng competitions.

  • Online classes – 45 minute GuZheng lessons through Zoom or Facetime.


  • Please arrive on time, make sure you always mark down your lesson date and time.

  • If you plan on taking a long break (over 2 weeks) canceling lessons, you will need to notify the teacher ONE month in advance.

  • If the student misses a lesson without any advance notice, no make up or rescheduling will be allowed.

  • 48 hours cancelation is required, less than 48 hours notice will be considered a missed lesson.

  • There will be no expansion lessons. The teacher will provide alternative times to make up missing lessons. If students still can’t make it will be considered a missed lesson.

  • Please bring nails and book for lessons each time.

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