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Microsoft Asian Spring Festival 2012 - Guzheng performances with Piano

Saturday, January 14th, 2012 - Co-organized by CHIME(founded in early 1990s by a group of Chinese employees of Microsoft Corporation. It is endorsed by Microsoft Human Resources as one of the official Employee Network (EN) groups under Asian Employee Resource Group (ERG), with designated executive sponsors, and an elected board with a Chairman. Its membership is voluntary and open to all employees of Microsoft worldwide)and other Microsoft Asian communities, it is one of the largest diversity and inclusion event in Microsoft, and the biggest Spring Festival celebration in Seattle area.

Microsoft Executives, WA State Officials (including Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen), the General Consul from China Consulate in San Francisco, and national and local Asian Committee Leads, all will attend the event to celebrate this most important festival with over 3000 attendees!

The evening grand show will be well prepared with a large variety of diverse programs including singing, traditional and modern dances with national costumes, band performances, musical instruments, etc., and even some Microsoft original performances.

The famous Guzheng player Shirley Wang will be performing with piano player Nanyi Qiang at the spring festival, they will be playing the new version of Liu Yang River. The new music style will give you a new feeling! For more information please visit:

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