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Welcome to all who love Chinese traditional music!


Seattle GuZheng Studio is the premier authority on Guzheng in Seattle. We have been teaching the Qin style of GuZheng to students of all ages for more than 15+ years.

Chinese culture has a long history. GuZheng (Chinese Zither) is the most representative instrument, with cultural exchanges from all over the world. We hope all the Chinese music fans will join us in bringing Chinese folk music to the world.


Why not let your kids learn a musical instrument? Studies have shown that music lessons for kids can enhance their IQ, creatively and problem solving abilities.

GuZheng Lessons are available in both English and Mandarin. Your kids can improve their Mandarin while learning a musical instrument. To ensure that you’re able to schedule lessons around your time sign up now. Don’t wait as dates are filling up quickly.

Adult lessons are also available. We’re also available for performances or events.

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